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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pretty Vacation Pictures

It's been a week since we left New England and returned to Alaska.  A week ago this moment I do believe were waiting for the plane gate to clear in the Seattle airport on our way back to Alaska.  Our Maine vacation already seems like ages and ages ago.  And this is the last blog post about the vacation.

There is not much more to write about the vacation.  This post is all about pretty pictures from our trip to Maine.  Maine is a beautiful place - particularly so in summer.

Goodbye Maine vacation!


Mom & George

The main purpose of our trip to North Haven was to visit with Granny Cocoa and Uncle George.  It's the same thing I did as a kid.  I can remember walking the dogs and playing golf with Granny Cocoa's mom - 'Granny Thurby'.  Her dog was a HUGE black Newfoundland named Thurber.  I also remember Sunday lunches at my dad's parent's house across the thoroughfare on Vinal Haven.  They had a farm and were known to us kids as 'Granny and Grampy moo cow'.

So this Summer at North Haven Nora and Stuey got to paddle board and pick peas with Granny Cocoa. Stuey learned to tie knots with Uncle George.  There were family meals on the deck.  Stuey and Nora got to know the grandparents.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Stuart and Stewart

Stuart (a. k. a. 'Stuey') is named after Stewart.  But at the time he cautioned us to spell it 'Stuart' rather than 'Stewart' because 'everybody spells it that way anyway'.  And so Stuey is a Stuart.

Every time we go to North Haven we generally see Stewart and it is a tradition to take a picture of the 2 of them together.  I may have to do a blog post where you see all these pictures and the 2 of them growing up over the years.

Stuey had a good time in Maine - I think his favorite part of the trip was swimming.  That or hanging out with the older cousins.

Stuey achieves karma

Monday, July 15, 2019

Mill River Picnic

On of our best Maine picnics was to the reversing tidal falls in Mill River.  As a kid this was on of my favorite spots and after 40 years it does not seem to have lost any of its charm.  At low tide Mill River is mostly mud flats and granite boulders.  As the tide comes in the water is warmed crossing the mud flats,  and it creates tidal rivers in the narrow areas.  Our cousin Brooks and granny Cocoa joined us on the picnic.

We got there an hour or so before high tide and the falls were ripping.  We all floated the rapids and enjoyed the warm water.  Later we even navigated the rapids on the paddle board.  When the current was really ripping it was impossible to swim or even wade 'upstream' against it.  We had to climb through the trees and scramble over the big boulders along the shoreline to make our way back to our picnic spot.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Herreshoff 12

While out east I crewed for my mom in a sailboat race.  We were racing Herreshoff 12's and I had to set a spinnaker for the downwind portion of the race.  I had not set a spinnaker in over a quarter century and was super nervous.  Particularly so since we rounded the upwind mark in first place.  It was my race to blow!  But I set the spinnaker with no issues and we won the race.  Whoooooo Hooooo.

The kids watched us finish and decided that they wanted to wanted to go sailing too.  So the next morning I took them sailing in the Herreshoff 12.  It is a lovely boat for daysailing and it was a lovely day!  Nora read her book and Stuey learned to sail and steer.  He love sailing to windward and maintaining momentum of the boat during puffs. He likened it to surfing and catching a wave!  I'll add that Stuey has only gone surfing once - but it is a pretty apt analogy.


Nora waits to row me back in from the mooring

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Cousin Time

My family is mostly from New England so a Maine vacation involves a great deal of time with the cousins.  Everyone out there is seemingly either a cousin or uncle or aunt of some sort.  Most of these are relatives I only meet every few years or so - and it is good to catch up.  For the kids it is a chance to get to know their roots and meet the family.  I am always amazed at seeing the cousins I remember as a small children who are now a full sized adults.  And I am sure that the aunts and uncles are equally amazed at how Nora and Stuey have grown.

Stuey in particular had a very good time meeting the cousins.  Sam, Jack and Brooks took Stuey under their wings and entertained him with basketball, animated movies etc.  Stuey was in heaven.  I found it funny listening to the cousins talk and hearing how a decade or so ago the now late teenage cousins did the same thing with the older cousins now in their 20's.  A decade from now I am quite positive that Stuey will be 'paying it backwards' and entertaining young cousins himself!