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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Time to go Home


leaving North Haven on the ferry

This is the final post about our Maine vacation.  The one about the sad journey home.  We caught the ferry to the mainland at 7 AM and spent the rest of the day driving to Boston where we spent our final night in an airport hotel.  On the way south we ended up with time to kill and so drove down to the coast at Georgetown just north of Bath.  I'd never been down there before and the drive down from route 1 was gorgeous.  There was a long line for the lobster rolls at the lobster shack on the dock, but the line was worth it because the lobster roll had more lobster meat in it than I have ever seen.  I had the fried clams and they were excellent.  Fried clams and lobster rolls are really something you can only get in Maine.

After we dropped off Marcel at the Portland airport it was just a slog to the hotel.  And then up before dawn to catch the plane home to Alaska.  We got home to Kodiak around 9:30.  Vacation over.

walking to catch the ferry at 7:15 AM

Waiting in line for Lobster rolls at Georgetown

My fried clams and Stuey's Lobster roll - best one I have ever seen!

Leaving Marcel at the Portland International Airport security gate

dawn view from the hotel - time to catch the plane

Friday, July 30, 2021

Messing about


It's only been a week ago today since we flew back from Boston to Kodiak.  It seems like so much longer!  This blog post is all about the basic 'killing time' activities that took place while on vacation.  Boat rides, walks, swimming, row boats, bike rides, kayaks and paddle boards.. ... video games.  There was a lot to do in Maine.

The only activity I regret did not take place was sailing.  The weather was either flat calm or too windy.  Or on the last day Nora was sick.  So this year we did not get to go sailing.  But oh well, we certainly made up it with other activities!

Thursday, July 29, 2021



The weather was actually not all that great during our time on North Haven.  It rained a bit and there was lots of fog.  And then the best day was super windy.  Another issue was that the low tides coincided with the middle of the days.  For these reasons we never took a boat ride for a remote beach picnic.  All of our picnics were either near the road or where we had a dock to moor the boat.

Still while the weather might have been considered 'bad' by the locals - by Kodiak standards it was actually pretty good.  There was no hard driving rain and the temperatures were always on the warm side.  There's nothing wrong with a little fog.  

And so we did have our picnics.  We also drove around the island and explored various beaches.  Mullens Head was our favorite.  There was a fire ban in effect for the island so we took along charcoal briquets for the grill and did the simple 'hot dogs and potato chips' thing.  Nothing wrong with simplicity.

A foggy day - see not bad at all by Kodiak standards

Meeting the relatives

Dinner at Aunt Polly's house

One of the main reasons for a Maine vacation is to meet the relatives.  The kids got to meet cousins from all sides of the family.  At one point Nora even commented that 'we seem to be related to everyone on North Haven'.  And this is a good thing.

They also got to hear stories from various cousins about their dad's childhood exploits.  At a Mullens Head  picnic a guy and his family walked by and told Nora and Stuey about going to parties at the Saltonstall house.  As Nora and Stuey put it, 'you guys were kind of famous'.

Nora and Stuey got to see and experience a little of the summertime world from my childhood.  Hopefully we get to go back to North Haven in the summer again soon!

Aunt Polly's garden

Carvers harbor Vinalhaven

Nora meets cousin Nora

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Great Granny Davis's House


On North Haven we stayed at my granny 'Thurbie's house.  The kids' great granny Thurbie.  When I was a kid she had a great big Newfoundland dog named 'Thurber' and so we called her granny Thurbie.  Much like my kids call my mom granny 'cocoa' because her dog's name is Cocoa.  My dad's parents had cows and they were called granny and grampy 'moo cow'.

Anyway, back in the day my grandfather did stay at the house but for some reason it was always Granny Thurbie's house.  The house has remained in the family and not much has changed in the last 35 years since granny and grampy Thurbie last lived there.  There are still all the pennants and prizes from winning sailboat races, the old posters and art.  Even all the old books - most particularly, all the old paperback thrillers.  On this trip I read 'the Great Escape' and 'the Trustie from the Toolroom' - both published in the 1960s and falling apart at the seams.

In the basement is the same ping pong table that I used as a kid.  Same dead spot, same exact room and feel.  Stuey and Marcel picked up where I left off 35 years ago.  Lots and lots of ping pong!  

Stuart and namesake Stewart!