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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Deer Liver, bacon, beets and new potatoes - YUM

One of my favorite meals of the year - the semi annual first deer-of-the-year's liver and onions meal.  I always try and wait to harvest my first potatoes and beets from the garden until after we get the first deer.  It is a tradition at my house to combine them all into one meal.  Some years it does not work out, but most years it does.  All but the bacon, butter and onions come from Kodiak.  It is a local meal and a very, very tasty one at that!  Patrick

Monday, August 14, 2017

Deer at First Light

Finally a deer! Here on Kodiak the weather has been so bad that it has been impossible to effectively hunt for deer in the alpine.  I was beginning to wonder if we'd get to do our usual August hunt on the road system.  But this weekend the weather was excellent and Saturday afternoon Lisa, Gregg and I hiked up into the alpine and camped prior to hunting for deer the next day.

It was glorious in the alpine with the blue gentians, psychedelic purple fleabane, magenta rhododendrons, and bright yellow arnica all in full bloom.  We camped in a patch of blue gentians and bunchberry, and called it our gentian camp.

At night it actually got cold and there was a bright moon.  We got up at 4:30 and started hiking to the mountaintop long before the sun came up.  The moon was bright enough that we did not need flashlights.  We actually got to the top and started glassing for deer before it was light enough to see deer.  It slowly got lighter and lighter and then we started seeing more and more deer.

We picked out a mature 3 point buck, and soon had a deer down.  First deer at first light.  Thank you mister deer!

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Last evening it was sunny for the first time in almost 2 weeks!  And so we lit the fire pit and had beer brats in the backyard.  Co-incidently the last time we did this was almost 2 weeks ago on the last sunny day - the evening the soccer coaches first arrived.  Wow time flies!

The last few days I have been biking to the park with the dogs and kids.  I continue on into the park on foot with the dogs and the kids stay outside on their bikes.  Yesterday they ran into other kids on bikes who are new to the neighborhood.  They biked for hours while Stuey and Nora introduced them to Cliffside Road.

At the fire pit the kids showed me how to take photos with the iPad.  I sort of knew already. But the kids were really good at it.  The quality of the photos is also pretty good, and on the iPad screen they look REALLY good.  But once blown up on the computer screen they are still a little grainier than those from the 'real' camera. Patrick

Friday, August 11, 2017

Wet and Green

A couple pictures from the last few days.  The weather has actually improved a bit, and yesterday it even got sunny enough to dry out the lawn enough so that I could do some mowing.  But this morning it is again fog down to the deck.  Still things sure are green!

Yesterday Nora, Stuey and I took some plant pictures for the plantlore book that the Alutiiq Museum is helping to publish.  Nora took this one of nettles down below.  The top photo is from last weekend when Stuey and I took the soccer coaches hunting.  We are checking out the fish at the beach where we always ate lunch during the Com Arch dig.  Patrick

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summertime Green

It's been pretty rainy and foggy of late, and I have not been doing much hiking.  Yesterday I took the dogs on a walk, and I was struck by how green it is under the trees.  All the creeks are roaring too.  This morning the sun is out so perhaps there will be a change in the weather.  I hope so!  Patrick

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fieldcamp Flashback

I have my computer screensaver set to scroll through the photos stored on my computer and this image from earlier in the summer keeps on popping up.  It is from our archaeology field camp in Kiliuda Bay. More specifically it is breakfast cooking on the wood stove.

Every day I would wake up an hour or so before everybody else to light the wood stove and cook breakfast.  Once I got everything going, I'd sip my coffee and write up my field notes from the previous day.  This photo is that moment.  SPAM and beans on the wood stove.  Coffee staying warm on a rock by the stove.  ahhhhhh Alone time in the morning.

A little bit later I'd go outside and wake everybody up.  'Rise and Shine!' or maybe 'wakey wakey' and then the day would begin for real.  Patrick

Monday, August 7, 2017

Flower close-ups with Nora

My picture of fireweed -  I tried to get it all in focus

Yesterday Nora and I went on a photo safari down Cliffside Road.  We shared my camera - so I'd take a few photos and then she would do the same.  It is interesting to see how take different pictures of the same subject.  I was telling Nora that good flower pictures are difficult - the composition matters, and it is hard to get the right parts of the photo in focus.

I took the dogs on into the park and Nora stayed on Cliffside to catch some elaborate flowers in areas our dogs are not welcome.  Anyway here are our results.

Nora's Primrose - I love the drops

My photo of a drop closeup - see the flowers in the drop?

Nora's Rose closeup

My rose with a little more distance than Nora's

Nora Photo - On this photo the colors shifted a little towards blue and made it look like it was taken at night

I love how Nora made the flowers glow like little individual lanterns

Nora's bleeding heart

Nora close up photo

Mine of a Foxglove with the auto focus bracketing feature on the point and shoot