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Monday, February 20, 2017

Family Outing

Where on Saturday it was only Nora, Stuey, Brewster and I on our Upper Buskin ski trek, today the whole family made the trip - Nora, Stuey, Brewster, Tank, Sheba and Patrick (dad).  The whole pack was present.

Of course it was pretty much impossible to get a picture with everyone in it.  Put Nora and Stuey next to each other and there is good chance they squabble.  And all the dogs were here there and everywhere.  But it was a family outing, and I could look around and see everybody on the trail all at once.  A Sunday morning ski in the sunshine.

We skiied to the river and did a different loop than we did on Saturday.  Stuey got to make a new trail and we all followed in his tracks.  Stuey had me promise that I'd use his trail later in the week during my daily ski.

Back in the car we were driving along when Nora said in a low shush type voice, 'daddy look back - none of the dogs are standing up'.  And indeed I looked back in the rear view mirror and all the dogs were lying down and trying to nap.  A well-exercised and happy pack.

We stopped at McDonalds for a well earned lunch and the lady at the drive through window included dog treats with our food.  Dogs happy, people happy.  Family happy.  Patrick

Nora's Science Fair project has to do with various types of wood - here she poses with cottonwood trees

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