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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Goats in the canyon

Sheba's smells the goats! And if you look carefully at the upper right corner you can see them

Yesterday when I went skiing with the dogs we got to the waterfall and they were all acting very agitated - sniffing and looking around.  I looked up above the waterfall and there was a nanny goat and kid slowly climbing up the cliff.  They looked like they were climbing slowly, but I was amazed at how far they had moved by the time I got my camera out.  The doggies never spotted the goats either.  I suspect they would have spotted the goats if the goats had bolted up the steep slope.  Instead their slow retreat created less movement for the doggies to key in on.

Not that I was terribly worried about the doggies chasing the goats.  That was one steep slope!  Patrick

When I first spotted the goats when they were only half way up the slope and seemed VERY VERY close

Skylined Nanny and Kid

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  1. I bet they were there when I was there a few minutes before you, but I never saw them. Bummer that I missed them. I didn't really look up as the ice covering the pool at my feet cracked loudly several times and I was afraid where I was standing might break off into the water.