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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Extra Day in Anchorage

View from our room the final evening at the Embassy Suites

While on vacation like all experienced Kodiak travelers we kept an eye on the weather back home on Kodiak.  As dwellers from 'on the rock' all know - just because you are supposed to return on a given date does not mean that you will return home on that date.  Kodiak is an island surrounded by the stormy North Pacific and home to some ferocious weather.  Weather delays are a fact of life, and sometimes no planes fly in or out for days, and even on the rare occasion, weeks at a time.

So when I saw that on our scheduled return that it was supposed to blow 25-40 with gusts over 50 mph I pre-emptively extended the trip.  What sane person wants to hang out with kids in the Anchorage airport for the day on weather delay?  So I made all the calls - car rental, hotels, airline, work - and extended our stay for one day.  Of course there were no rooms available at the Alyeska hotel.  So after an extra day of skiing we headed up to Anchorage for the night.

And then it got interesting.  When I'd called the Embassy Suites hotel they assured me that they had plenty of rooms and I decided not to book until I knew I was extending the trip.  Ughhhh big mistake (on my part not theirs) - we arrived to find they were completely out of rooms, and no other hotels in town seemed to have rooms either.  But then while we waited at the front desk a room miraculously came free.  The kids and I cheered!  Embassy Suites is the kid's favorite hotel in Anchorage.

So our vacation ended in Anchorage.  Stuey and Nora had friends over for some pool time, and I got to enjoy an adults only dinner with friends at the Spenard Roadhouse.  And on the morning of our flight we got to go skiing at the Hillside (blog post to come).

And of course back home on Kodiak the predicted winds were not as bad as forecast and were now supposed to be bad for our new scheduled return date.  This also is the typical experience for Kodiak travelers - the weather dance.  Patrick

Nordic trails at Girdwood - where I got an extra day in due to our extended stay

This is actually the first day at Hillside when the kids did downhill - on our return it was all Nordic


Stuey showing off the 'flying herringbone' - he putting out some steam too

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