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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Leaving on a jet plane

Boarding the turbo prop (not jet) in Kodiak

It's spring break and for the last few days it's been a family ski vacation at Alyeska and at Hillside in Anchorage.  We flew over from Kodiak late Saturday and it seemed that everyone on the plane was going on spring break, and quite a few were even on their way to Alyeska.

On the plane Nora and Stuey's school principle was just across the aisle.  Stuey and Nora were angels for the flight.  Of course there were some travel woes, but they were all on dad.  Daddy forgot to re park the car in long-term parking, and only realized this on arrival at Anchorage.  So after sorting that one out via SAT phone - thank you Lisa and Gregg - it was off to the rental car.  That's when the ski tube catastrophically opened on the escalator and dumped 7 pairs of ski and poles all up and down the moving escalator.  And then the phone in the hotel room did not work. … .

Anyway, daddy was very happy to finally meet up with Jeremy, April, Emmy and Laura at TGIF Fridays and have a beer and dinner.  Nora declared that it is the best restaurant 'ever'.  A lady came by and made balloon figures for the kids.  Spring break had begun!

Angel kids on the plane - it helps that their school principle was just across the aisle

Balloon lady visited the table at TGIF Friday

Nora and Emmy's balloon creations

Purpose of the trip ski lessons! Day one at Hillside

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