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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tankie's Bugaboo

All week long I have been taking the dogs with me when I skate ski across Buskin Lake and up the river into the canyon.  It's been pretty icy and fast, and sunny every day.

The top picture is from Monday and it is of Tankie balking at the hole where he fell in a few weeks ago - twice (see post linked here) (and video linked below).  After he fell in the first time I had a really hard time getting him past the hole the next day and, unfortunately, he fell in again.

Anyway, this week we came to the same hole and it is now totally frozen over and safe.  But Tankie remembered and absolutely refused to step onto the ice.  Smart dog!  I finally had to grab his collar and pull him onto the ice. It took two tries too because the first time he resisted so hard that his collar came off.

Then the next day when we came to the ice Tankie casually stepped down onto the ice and trotted across.  No problem.  He now knows it is safe.  Patrick

It's all slightly downhill and the ski out is thrilling to say the least!

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