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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Alyeska Hotel

Family meal at a fancy restaurant

We stayed at a fancy hotel in Girdwood and the first night we ate as a family at a really good Japanese restaurant.  I was impressed with the kids behavior.  It was family style seating all around a big table, and at first I was a little worried - 'what am I getting myself into with potentially fractious kids', I thought.  And to begin with Stuey realized my fears when he started to pop edamame peas all over the place.  But he calmed down and I think they both appreciated the good meal at a fancy hotel.  They particularly like the fancy, artistic desserts.

Later we went to the swimming pool and then on to our room where everybody fell asleep quite quickly - A big, brightly lit Christmas tree just outside the window.  The next day after a big breakfast it was time for ski lessons.  Their cousin Zeke was there for lessons too.  It was a 'cousin' lesson.  Patrick

Mmmmm Sushi!

Nora's dessert tart at Sakura

Day Two - ski lessons with the cousins at Alyeska

Christmas tree view just after sunset from our room


  1. Where is the compulsory pic of the Birthday boy in the Birthday hat?

  2. No birthday party this year and the hat is back on Kodiak. It's funny but no one remembered it was my birthday until late in the day. Stuey and Nora did have birthday cards all ready for me - but even they had forgotten what day it was until late in the day. And I did not mind at all! Patrick