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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Nordic Experience at Hillside

The groomed experience at Hillside - note downhill slopes in background

The biggest benefit to the extra day of vacation was that we got to go cross country skiing as a family on groomed trails.  I had brought along everybody's cross country skis, and had paid the price when the ski tube catastrophically opened and dumped them all on the moving escalator (that would have been a great picture!). So it was also nice just to use the skis and make the hassle worthwhile.

And it was worthwhile.  The trails were freshly groomed and in perfect condition, and free!  No lift tickets to purchase or gear to rent.  To be honest, if the purpose of the trip had not been downhill ski lessons for the kids I think we would have stuck to just cross country skiing - way more bang for the buck. 

Of course it did not start well.  On that morning Nora was angel child and very gung-ho and bright, and Stuey was the yang to her yin - grumpy.  He'd cover his face up when I tried to take his picture, and kept asking when we could go home.  But then he started to try skate skiing.  And, despite the slow waxless classic skiis, he was pretty good at it.  He cheered up and started to ask about skate skiing back home on Kodiak.

So all turned out well and on our arrival back at the car I was shocked to see we had been skiing for an hour and twenty minutes!  It was time to rush off to the airport and fly back to Kodiak.  And since we've been back on Kodiak Stuey has gone skate skiing - twice.  So the cross country ski excursion on groomed trails paid off - big time.  Patrick

Stuey negotiates a hill

Hey no pictures! - the grumpy skiier 'face cover'

Stuey tries his hand at skate skiing

Now this is fun - note no 'face cover'

Perfectly groomed 'classic only' trail

Skate ski to the car, and on to the airport.  Time to go HOME!

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