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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Garden's In!


The garden is all in - Finally!  I seemed to get a late start on it this year and with all the warm weather it was causing low grade stress. I was not making hay while the sun shines so-to-speak.

Yesterday I fetched 18 buckets of beach peat (3 trips) from a secret beach (think boats and bars), and planted all the potatoes.  For seed potatoes I used sprouting potatoes from last year's crop.  And I still have about 10 pounds of potatoes leftover - I grew a lot of potatoes last year.  As the kids will tell you we've been eating potatoes way too often for their tastes.  And I hope they have the same complaint next year!

Today Nora and I finished planting the raised beds.  We sowed carrot, beat, salad greens, and snap pea seeds.  I noticed that in my tubs the kale from last year self-seeded.  So it seems I am all done.  All except maybe a parsley plant, some thyme and the nasturtiums.

At the end of the planting session Nora and I stretched a light net over each bed to keep the birds and cats out.  I explained that the net protected the seedlings and that once the plants are big enough to fend for themselves I'll take the nets off.  Nora wondered, 'how will the birds see the nets'.  I had not thought of that - I hope I am not confusing those pesky fox sparrows!

Now we wait for stuff to sprout and the real work begins - weeding and thinning!


Raised beds

Donated strawberries from friends who left town seem to be doing fine!

It's a 'Brewster Tail' of snow thrown up against the sky!

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  1. Well done on the vegetable garden front. Potatoes. The best vegetable and so versatile - you can see I could not care less about carbs. I have friends who reel around in shock and horror at the very idea of eating potatoes.

    As Nora's question about the birds seeing the netting, there is debate about whether black or white is easiest for them to see, but for the life of me I can't remember which is best.