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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Buskin Crayfish

Last night the kids and I went to pizza party and the other kids at the party had just been to the Buskin to catch crayfish.  They had a bucket full of the little buggers.

Crayfish are an invasive species and their presence in the Buskin can't bode well for the local species in the system like salmon and trout.  For instance, I gather crayfish like to eat salmon eggs.

Anyway, I had heard that there were crayfish in the Buskin, but I had thought there were just a few.  Until last night I did not realize just how well-established they have become.  I gather they are trying to eradicate them before they colonize other river systems on Kodiak.  I just hope that crayfish have not become like hawkweed (an invasive plant) - so well-established they are impossible to eradicate.

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