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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pretty Pictures

An old fox farm

Not much to this post except showing off some pretty pictures from my recent survey.  In the next post I'll show you some of the archaeological discoveries.  These pictures show what the landscape looked like.  All except the second picture they are in chronological order from top to bottom, and it is interesting to see how much greener it was by the time we finished with the survey.  Summer arrived!  Patrick

We boated out for the start of the survey with a team of biologists studying elk and bears

Panoramic of the fox farm

Waterfall on Barbara Creek

The Head of Kizhuyak Bay

Another of the Head of Kizhuyak Bay - My friend Brooks might have a flashback with this photo (click here)

Kizhuyak Bay from Kekur Point


  1. Back to the fox farm. Wonderful. What a great collection of photos - especially the panoramic set. There are many negative things about the internet but being able to take in summer at the top of the world, on a cold winter day at the bottom is one of the positives.


  2. And thank you for your comments - it is nice to know someone is reading. Patrick