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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pyramid Circuit with Stuey

Every summer I lead one Audubon Hike.  I figure it is my civic duty.  When I first moved to Kodiak I learned about the local trails by going on these hikes.  And so now I pass that knowledge on - it's a pass it forward sort of thing.  Anyway yesterday was the day I lead the hike, and I did the usual up Pyramid Mountain, around the backside and down to the golf course.

All as usual except - Stuey came along and helped lead the hike!  I did have to sort of force him - he had wanted to stay at home.  But I was persistent and he relented.  Later on the hike I was talking to one of the other hikers and she related that in their family they called it 'FFF' - 'forced family fun'.

And he did have fun - he ran way ahead.  He lead the way down through the bushes.  He stayed out front with the leaders while Dad stayed back with the pack.  Of course during the hike when he was near dad he acted like it was no fun, but just for a little bit.  When he was leading way out ahead with other grown ups he was in his element.

I know he had a great time because when we got back he could not wait to tell Nora about it.  Nora had been on a Girl Scout outing.  And then he asked me to help update his blog.  He has not done this for a while - so go check out his side of the story (click here for link to Stuey's blog).

I'm passing it forward!  Patrick

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