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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stuey on the go

Stuey tells me that when he is 14 he wants to be an archaeologist.  I told him that he already is an archaeologist.  After all, last summer he found a 4500 year-old seal net weight.  Still he tells that he might want to be a paleontologist and study dinosaurs - he's undecided.

Lately he has also been taking pictures and updating his blog.  And then on Sunday he pestered me into letting him help mow the lawn.  I told him that if he helped he had to finish.  I did not credit him with the perseverance and strength to mow the backyard.  But he stuck with it and did it!  And best of all wants to do it again!

At first he missed a few strips and I explained the concept of 'holidays'.  That's what I call the missed strips of unmowed lawn.  As in the mower had a 'holiday' and missed a bit.  Maybe in the future I'll be taking more 'holidays' and letting Stuey catch the rest.  Patrick

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  1. Stuey looks like your brother Andrew in that photo! Thank you for helping my cousin with her paper - very sweet of you.