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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Back From Afognak

Stuey unprompted asked if we could go look at the petroglyphs - made my morning

We got back late last night from a 4 day trip at our place on Afognak.  We did not experience sunny skies but the fog and drizzle was perfect for teepee time and soaking up the green of the spruce forest.  The forest just seems so GREEN in the fog.

On this trip we did not do a lot of hiking.  We stuck mostly to activities near camp.  We made a buoy swing (more on this later), a driftwood fort and the kids did a lot of wading and even swimming.  There was also lots of teepee time by the wood stove.  Quesadillas and S'mores over the wood stove.  Nora would read her book while Study and I did ColorKu.  Stuey also whittled sticks of firewood and made knives and boats.

On the final evening we ate dinner over the wood stove and then it was time to pack up and go home. Hard to leave nature for the hustle and bustle of town.  While we were out there we did not see a single other person, and very few boats or planes passed by.  We had the world to ourselves.  Patrick

We took in some 'green' energy

Wading game - inevitably everybody got soaked but that's what wood stoves and warm teepees are for!

Stuey kayaked while Nora and I hiked on the way to Graveyard Point

Driftwood fort - it also has a roof!

View out from the trees from the teepee

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