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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Last evening it was sunny for the first time in almost 2 weeks!  And so we lit the fire pit and had beer brats in the backyard.  Co-incidently the last time we did this was almost 2 weeks ago on the last sunny day - the evening the soccer coaches first arrived.  Wow time flies!

The last few days I have been biking to the park with the dogs and kids.  I continue on into the park on foot with the dogs and the kids stay outside on their bikes.  Yesterday they ran into other kids on bikes who are new to the neighborhood.  They biked for hours while Stuey and Nora introduced them to Cliffside Road.

At the fire pit the kids showed me how to take photos with the iPad.  I sort of knew already. But the kids were really good at it.  The quality of the photos is also pretty good, and on the iPad screen they look REALLY good.  But once blown up on the computer screen they are still a little grainier than those from the 'real' camera. Patrick

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