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Friday, May 19, 2017

Raspberry Straits and the Slough

Yesterday evening I returned from a 4 day archaeological survey of the Raspberry Straits area. The survey is a continuation of a larger survey by the Alutiiq Museum to document the archaeological sites on all of the Afognak Native Corporation's land (click here for last survey). The Afognak Native Corporation (ANC) owns a lot of land so there is certainly a lot to document, and more surveys to come.  Sometimes I really love my job!

Anyway Gregg and I worked with the ANC patrol officers to survey over 40 miles of coastline.  They helped us survey the rugged outer coastline from their patrol boat and then we kayaked and surveyed the more protected waters (but shallow and rock strewn) on our own.  We found 17 new archaeological sites and checked on another 4 sites that were already known.  That's a lot of sites!  And now instead of just 4 known sites in the area there are 21.

The kayaking was spectacularly scenic.  I think the highlight for Gregg and I was kayaking through the rafts of squealing sea otters in Selief Bay.  They numbered in the hundreds and were all around us - mothers with their babies on their chest, and heads popping up here and there and everywhere - splashes and squeals.  And then there were the bears and elk out by Malina - we saw a lot of wildlife on this trip.


On the prowl

A fox box

Oystercatcher nest

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