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Friday, December 30, 2016

Gaining Space - Nurturing Lifelong Passion

The garden one of my particular passions back in 2000 - it is still going strong in 2016

One benefit of the dramatic changes to my life this past fall is that my world is now less cluttered.  No where is this more apparent than in the house.  An amazing amount of stuff followed its mistress out the door.  And slowly but surely the kids and I have been cleaning out cabinets, closets, and even rooms of the detritus of abandoned hobbies, pursuits, and even passions.

Totes full of 'self help' and 'how to' books.  Gear packed away in closets that once related to an avid pursuit that somehow, at some point lost its inspirational focus.  It no longer fed the soul, and into the closet it went - cabinets literally stuffed with stuff.

In the kitchen there are now empty shelves, and in all the cabinets there is enough free space that you can slide things around and actually see what is in there.  In the living room there is space on the bookshelves.  It is getting easier to find what you really do need.  Rather than 3 or 4 half empty jars of peanut butter in the fridge there is now just one. 

A few days ago Stuey asked, 'will cleaning out the closets and rooms mean there are less spiders?' Yes Stuey it does.

I believe a cleaned out and organized house with plenty of space helps to nurture pastimes. In a very real way a clean and organized house also clears the mind.  And not only is everything easy to find, but it is right there at hand and ready to use.  In an organized space it is difficult for gear to get 'out of sight - out of mind'. Also while less stuff means less choices it also means that you can do a few things really well.  It brings focus, and you tend to stick with things, and learn how to do them really well.

I believe in passions that last a lifetime. Pastimes with bottom. It is important to persevere with your hobbies, and I am convinced that an uncluttered house will help us here.

I've found that in many of my hobbies I tend to plateau or even stagnate at some point.  This is what happened with tele skiing. I got to a point were for years it seemed I'd get no better.  I just could not do a tele turn in deep powder.  And then suddenly the Heavens parted and it happened - I kicked it up a notch and reached a new plateau. A plateau where I could do tele turns in deep powder. A place that could only be achieved by 'putting in the time' - perseverance pays.  Patrick

Nora picking up and learning what I hope will be a lifetime pursuit

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