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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Whittling and wood stoves

At times during our weekend trip to Afognak it was pretty rainy and we spent more time than usual sitting by the wood stove in the teepee.  It kept us warm and dry.

Nora would read her book while Study and I did ColorKu, or Study whittled and I read my book.  We'd drink tea, cocoa and cook quesadillas on the wood stove.  It was a relaxed time.  I think the kids enjoyed having 100% daddy time.

Stuey and I did something like 35 of the ColorKu puzzles - we got up into the 'Challenging' 60's - way beyond where we ever got last year.  Stuey's whittling also improved a lot.  Rather than hacking away - what I called 'splitting' - he started to carve.  I taught him to push with his thumb and create 'Curley cues'.  On this trip he made quite a few knives - 'letter openers'.

NOT in the teepee - seaweed taken with the camera's auto drama setting

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