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Friday, June 16, 2017

Kizhuyak Bay

The head of Kizhuyak Bay - the weather matched the landscape

Yesterday evening Justin and I got back from a week long archaeological survey.  It was supposed to be 10 days but the weather was so good we finished it more quickly than anticipated.

Yesterday afternoon we were nearing the end of what we needed to survey, and had planned on finishing up and then camping for the night.  Then kayaking the remaining five miles to home today at a leisurely pace.  BUT we listened to the weather on the VHF radio and as it crackled in and out we heard, '20 knot winds... ... East winds gusting. ... seas six feet'.  Oh no, we thought,  our weather window is about to end.

Who wants to be stuck on a lee shore with high winds and waves and only a kayak for transportation? And so we finished up the survey in a rapid fashion - finding an additional 2 prehistoric sites in literally an hour.  And then we put the 'paddle to the water' and kayaked the final 5 miles home.  We got back exhausted, but home and safe from high seas.

But this morning I look out the window and the sun is shining and Mill Bay is flat calm.  Where are those East winds and 6 foot seas?  What weather report did we catch on the VHF?  Anyway, I like to think that today's sunny weather is an unexpected surprise, and that if we had camped it would be a rainy day.  Patrick

No sites on this sea stack - just black legged kittiwakes

Good weather for surveying from a kayak!

Camping in the cottonwoods - smell so nice but the bud pods stick to the sleeping pad!

This little island was literally swarming with squealing sea otters


  1. Hi Patrick, It's Vickie Carmichael. I have a favor to ask. A cousin is in graduate school and is writing something about the Kodiak environment and interaction with wildlife. Would you have 15 minutes available for her to interview you?