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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Misc Pics

As Nora put it, 'look dad a dog Oreo - take a picture'

Here are some pictures from June that somehow did not make the blog.  A lot of the pictures are ones Nora drew on the iPad on Father's Day.  My Father's Day dinner did not go great (I worked hard on a home cooked meal and Stuey refused to eat it).  So Nora was trying to cheer me up with pictures.  She drew them on the iPad and emailed them to me.  They did cheer me up.  Patrick

Moss Campion from the Audubon Hike

Nora's Father's Day art - in bed with the 3 dogs

More Father's Day art - camping with the kids and dog

'Ace' by the wood stove on survey

Daddy and Nora with dog in the woods

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