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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Snow Time

The cousins contemplate the view from the tram

The whole purpose of the Spring Break trip to Alyeska was to get Nora and Stuey some ski lessons.  It's hard to teach kids to ski on Kodiak because we lack lifts and 'going skiing' means you only get one run.  At Alyeska I had hoped the lessons and multiple trips up the mountain would translate into more comfort on the snow.  And it did. 

Everyday the kids had a lesson in the morning and then spent the afternoon skiing with me and their cousins.  It was sort of amazing how many people we knew at the resort, and the kids got to ski and meet with lots of friends.

By the end of the trip Stuey was skiing alone with his cousin - they were exploring the mountain totally on their own for hours at a time.  Nora took a lesson all by herself.  Independence - ahhhhhh.  It seems taking the kids on vacation is getting much easier.  On the other hand, with independence comes a whole other set of potential issues. .. .

Anyway the kids enjoy skiing and want to go back to Alyeska next year.  They are both also looking forward to climbing up and skiing down on the local mountain on Kodiak.  Mission Accomplished!

Cross country ski trails where I spent an hour each morning while the kids were at their lesson

Nora and Stuey following their instructor

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