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Sunday, March 5, 2017

To the Canyon with Stuey

Yesterday Stuey had a hard morning.  I went in to the museum with Nora and Stuey to work on their science fair projects and Stuey just would not listen.  Anyway, his planned playdate at his mother's place got cancelled.  So I took him skiing.

I had not planned on taking the kids skiing because the conditions are 'challenging' (read icy) and it was super windy.  Anyway instead of just me and the dogs Stuey came along too.  He seemed excited, and I think he wanted to make up for his earlier bad behavior.  I also told him that I needed a long ski, and so did the dogs. 

And then Stuey totally made up for his earlier antics.  We skiied way up the Upper Buskin River and into the canyon.  Stuey complained when it was not icy!  He liked it best when it was FAST.  And even complained about the lack of steep downhills.  I was impressed with his balance and poling abilities.  I noticed that he could get up hills, or hold himself on a steep slope with just his poles alone.  He's learning backcountry ski skills!

He also was intrigued by the new ice and wanted to test it with his poles and ski across some of the patches of black ice.  As he put it, 'daddy I'm a risk taker'.  This I did not encourage, and I told him that getting wet when it is cold is no fun.  He actually listened, and only crossed the black ice I OK'd.  Wow what an improvement from earlier in the day.

Later as we neared the car he asked, 'daddy can we do that again?'  I asked, 'you mean go again tomorrow?'  'No, right now', he replied.  Patrick

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