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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Ski Chalet Circuit

The ramp up - Buskin Lake is just out of the picture on the right

For the last couple of days the dogs and I have been skate skiing what I call the 'ski chalet circuit'.  I start at the ski chalet and climb a ramp behind the chalet going to the skier's left or south.  Then I go up into a big bowl on the other side of a valley behind the hill behind the ski chalet - phwew that sounds complicated!  From there I ski a sidehill back to the wooded plateau above the road to the north of the ski chalet.  Basically I make a big circuit of the hill and valley behind the ski chalet.

It is a nice loop and I have it all figured out.

Yesterday there was actually some new powder and I decided to make a video - click on link below.  I love skiing with the dogs and they seem to love it too.

More ramp up - it's a long climb!

The big bowl above the Red Cloud with Sheratin in the distance

On the way down - it's a bit of a sidehill

Skiing the plateau - the best skiing is here

Another view of the plataeu

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